Upgraded to University Status!

We have some pretty exciting news to share! Both exciting, and daunting because the Mozambican government has upgraded the school to university status. We are now officially going to be known as "Universidade Detta", or "Unidetta" for short. In addition to the Mandimba campus the plan is to finish the Metangula school and then build further in Mecanhelas and Marrupa. A site is due to be chosen in September 2016.

The opening of the Mandimba campus is set for January 2017 with student registration beginning in October 2016. Go time is upon us so we really need to raise USD$8000 to buy desks, finish the office, and build dormitories.

The advantage of our four campuses would be to make professional training available to students who live a long distance away from the school in Lichinga, which is currently their only option. For example, making the trip from Mecanhelas to Lichinga would cost MT1500 (or about 6 days of day labor). The school in Lichinga doesn't have dormitories and housing in Lichinga is expensive. These added expenses puts further education out of reach for many students who live in remote regions of the province.

Below we post images from mid 2016. These are screen captures from some video clips we gathered, so apologies for the quality.