technical training in northern Mozambique

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Just $300 a month provides a teacher a salary at Detta’s school near Mandimba. Let us know if you or a small group want to help pay for our teachers to teach!

What We Do

DETTA SERVICES MOÇAMBIQUE- LIMITADA is a small group with big ideas to help bring hope to unemployed youth in northern Mozambique through technical training and employment opportunities.


  • Employ and enable self-employment for disenfranchised youth

  • Train unemployed youth in production techniques for self-employment

  • Produce food for consumption, commerce and food security

  • Reduce poverty in communities where the project is implemented

  • Promote moral values and self-esteem among youth. 


Sustainable development in northern Mozambique



Niassa Province is sometimes referred to in Mozambique as “the forgotten province”. While development has been quick to come to the southern and central regions that share closer proximity to South Africa, Zimbabwe and Malawi, the more rural northeastern province has been the furthest to reach both physically and economically from the nation’s capitol. Yet it is rich in history, culture and especially in hard-working youth eager for job coaching and technical training.

Plans began to take shape in 2014 when American agronomist Janet Norem met and began partnering with Mozambican businessman and educator, Bartolomeu Badueiro. A partnership was formed and plans established to erect several training centers throughout the northern region that would equip young adults in agriculture, tourism and other fields.

Training centers in Metangula and Maniamba opened in 2014-2015 and construction began on the main campus near the border town of Mandimba in November of 2015. The initial construction phase was finished in September of 2017 and teachers and staff were hired. By January of 2018, this site was known as The Chicolone Polytechnic and Professional Institute. In July it was closed due to government regulation until a library/office building is complete.

Knowing that goods and services, mainly agricultural, would be brought to market, we began construction of a store/restaurant in Mandimba in October of 2018. But we faced a setback in December when strong storms destroyed several roofs.


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